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Transcription of Video Presentation

Hi, my name is Jeff Troyer and I’d like to introduce you to the ART of Connection Marketing.

What is Connection Marketing?

It’s a unique technology that all sizes of businesses are using to get lots of new customers, and then develop a strong relationship with those customers so they give them lots of repeat and referral business.

The problem we found with most businesses was that they were spending way too much time cold calling and marketing to the wrong people,

They didn’t have a way to differentiate themselves from their competition, who all were claiming and saying the same things…

They were spending way too much money on advertising that wasn’t working, while at the same time, not spending any time at all nurturing the clients they already have.

ART’s On-Demand Marketing Line attracts 3-5 times the amount of prospects than traditional advertising does and compels those prospects to call you rather than your competition because they can listen to a Free Recorded Message rather than a live salesperson.

Here’s how it works…

You’ll get a private toll free number with 120 free recorded message extensions you can use to record as many different marketing messages as you want.

As a result, you’ll be able to place eye-catching ads, including your toll-free number, that stand out from all the rest, inviting the reader to listen to a free recorded message.

Now, because the prospect knows they don’t have to talk to a live salesperson, they’ll pick up their phone and call your On-Demand Marketing Line. They’ll hear your personal greeting and then be prompted to enter an extension number to hear interesting, educational, pre-recorded information about your products or services.

And because your message is educating them rather than trying to sell them, they’ll decide to do business with you… without you chasing them…without you using pressure…without you spending a fortune on a big display ad.

In fact using the words free recorded message in all your advertising typically produces 3 to 5 times more response than you would get fromadvertising your local phone numberwhere prospects are forced to call you directly.

Speaking of advertising, the number one rule of advertising is, never do anything that you can’t directly track its results.

Well, your On-Demand Marketing Line comes with 3 powerful online tracking tools, one of which will enable you to see exactly, in real time, which of your ads are bringing the calls and which ones aren’t.

You’ll be able to know what’s working and what isn’t so you can start funneling your ad dollars into campaigns that are really bringing results.

Did you know that most businesses spend 90% of their time trying to get new clients while virtually ignoring the clients they already have?

They don’t do it on purpose.

They simply haven’t found a way to effectively stay in touch with all their clients, whether they have 5 or 5,000 in a powerful, effective way.

How would you like to automatically contact more of your clients in one hour with one phone call, than you could contact in one year with the telephone glued to your ear, and for less than 1/3 the cost of direct mail?

ART’s Client Connection Broadcast Center completely automates the client nurturing process.

Here’s how it works…

You simply record a short 20-30 sec nurturing message on your phone, and then send that message to be delivered to a live person only or both live person and answering machines.

Your message could be…

Thank you for your business

Happy Holidays

A reminder or update

Tip of the month

Or even Information on an upcoming community event.

Did you know that less than 20% of direct mail pieces ever even get looked at?

Simply by sending a Voice Broadcast letting your clients know to be on the lookout for your new newsletter that’s going to be arriving in the mail tomorrow… you’ll increase your readership response by 3 times.

So in a nutshell, by using ART’s On-Demand Marketing Line, you’ll be able to completely automate the process of…

* Attracting 3-5 times the amount of prospects than traditional advertising does,

* Compel those prospects to call you and only you rather than your competition,

* Educate and Build trust with those prospects automatically using your Free Recorded Messages,

* Sift, sort and screen out all the unqualified or unmotivated time wasters, leaving you with

* Ready to Act Shoppers who call you wanting to do business.

And then…

* Track test and measure your results so the next time you run your ad campaign, you’ll get better results. We call this automated lead generation.

Once they become a customer you then use ART’s Client Connection Broadcast Center to send pre-recorded warm nurturing messages to your clients on a regular basis…

Thanking them for their business,

Wishing them happy holidays,

Letting them know to look out for your newsletter or even…

Inviting them to an upcoming community event.

Doing all this on a regular basis, you’ll automate the process of transforming them into loyal clients and then into advocates who refer others to you…all automatically.

We call this Automated Client Nurturing.

ART’s Connection Marketing System is revolutionizing the way thousands of businesses are getting connected with prospects and staying connected with their clients for a little over $4.00 a day.

Here are some examples…

Mortgage Broker Ed Petrie uses Free Recorded Messages in classified ads to get a $120 to 1 return on his marketing dollars spent.

Brett Brodie uses Voice Broadcast strategies in his carpet cleaning business to generate as much as $7,500 in business for only a $25 investment.

Real Estate investor Ross Kilburn says using Free Recorded Messages gives him an astounding return on investment.

Financial Planner Mike Grimes uses the leveraging and time saving power of Voice Broadcast to generate more than a 10 to 1 return on his investment.

And insurance agency owner Mike Stromsoe’s business has grown 8-fold using ART’s Free Recorded Messages and Voice Broadcast.

So if you’re ready to revolutionize your marketing today, click on the services link above to learn even more about ART’s On-Demand Marketing Line and Client Connection Broadcast Center.

Thanks for listening and happy marketing!