Find creative ways for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to control costs, increase revenue and monitor outbound temp calling.

Case Study #1:

“We needed to quickly get the word out that tickets were still available for our 8th Annual ‘Pour For a Cure’ event, but there were 261 people to call.

We could have used a temp, calling at $15 per hour. If they averaged 20 calls per hour (which is very high) it would have cost us $195 and taken 2 days.

Instead we used ART’s Voice Broadcast service.

It only took 15 seconds to record the message. ART then uploaded our phone list and sent out the calls to the entire list in minutes."

Results:     "We sold 30 tickets ($1,098) in the 24 hours following the call and only spent $24. That’s more than a 45X return on investment.

Case Study #2:

"For our Race to Anyplace event, we did an ART Voice Broadcast call to 691 people costing us $70.30."

Results:     "We saw a surge in registration with 12 participants registering that same day and 44 within a few days of the call. As a result, we raised a minimum of $3,024 which represents a 43X return on investment."

Thanks ART!

  • Tina Thompson Excecutive Director Western Pennsylvania & West Virginia Chapter The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    “Additionally, we have used ART for Steeler Raffle sales with great success, as well as sending reminder calls for ‘Light the Night’ registration, including last minute details to all registered walkers a couple of days before the walk. Two more great ways to use Voice Broadcast!”

If you want to create, and more importantly, maintain a relationship, use Voice Broadcast to send Nurturing and Informational messages to your Donors on a regular basis (about 7 times) throughout the year, or roughly every 2 months.

How soon can I get set up?

Once you sign up for ART’s Voice Broadcast, confirmation and activation of your account happens within minutes.

How do I contact ART for more info or to sign up?

Call ART at 800-861-1226

Mon thru Fri, 7:30am to 4:30pm PST