Client Connection Broadcast - Features and Benefits:

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Automate all your Client Nurturing using ART's Client Connection Broadcast Center.
Increase your repeat and referral business with powerful and compelling nurturing messages in your own voice using ART's Voice Broadcast. Record and schedule the delivery of your broadcast messages to both your clients' answering machines and live pickups weekly, monthly, or anytime, for about half the cost of direct mail.

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  • Upload an unlimited number of phone lists
    Customize and personalize the lists of clients you send your Voice Broadcast messages to.
  • Record an unlimited number of Voice Broadcast messages
    Send a different nurturing message to your clients on a scheduled basis such as, "Thank you for your business", "Happy Holidays", "Look out for my newsletter", Tip of the month, and more.
  • Send your messages to both answering machines and live pickups, or live pickups only.
    Select how your message will be delivered for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  • Create detailed reports in real time
    Voice Broadcast Management's real-time reporting displays the delivery status of every number in your phone list, detailing every successful delivery, busy signal, no answer, fax machine, and more.
  • Recycle phone numbers
    Pinpoint unsuccessful calls that were busy, no answer, etc., on the first try and re-send using ART's easy recycle feature.