On-Demand Marketing Line - Features and Benefits:

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Automate your Lead Generation using ART’s On-Demand Marketing Line.
Attract motivated and pre-qualified prospects using ART’s Direct Response Advertising strategies coupled with 24-Hour Free Recorded Messages. Test, track and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising using the On-Demand Marketing Line’s revolutionary, real-time reporting system.

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  • Private toll free number
    Place your private toll-free number in your advertising, allowing prospects to call 24/7 to hear Free Recorded Messages with information about your products and/or services.
  • Unlimited extensions for recording
    Record your Free Recorded Messages on unique 4-digit extension numbers. In addition, you may also assign an extra digit (0-9) to track the effectiveness of your advertising. Each tracking digit will represent a different publication or marketing method.
  • Caller ID:
    Captures and identifies the phone number of incoming calls on your On-Demand Marketing Line, even if that number has call blocking.
  • Reverse Match:
    Converts 75-80% of the call captured phone numbers to mail-deliverable names & addresses.
  • Customizable menu of options
    Create custom menu choices your prospects hear in order to access your products and/or services information.
  • Unlimited call capacity
    Multiple prospects can call your toll-free number simultaneously to listen to free recorded messages without getting a busy signal.
  • Unlimited voicemail capacity
    Your message center holds an unlimited number of voice mail messages from your prospects.
  • Direct Connect
    A ready-to-act prospect can press 0 at any time during or after your recorded message to be instantly connected to you at your office, home, or cell phone during the hours you choose.
  • Auto Voice Responder (AVR)
    If enabled, AVR automatically calls back the prospect within 15 seconds to play your customized pre-recorded follow-up message for that extension.
  • Fax-on-Demand
    Prospects can instantly receive additional printed information about your products and/or services via fax simply by pressing a key and entering their fax number.
  • Advanced Paging
    Advanced Paging alerts you by numeric paging, e-mail, or text message to your phone when there is a new voice message left in your message center by an interested prospect.
  • Message Express
    Message Express immediately forwards messages from your message center to your office, home, or cell phone enabling you to take action with motivated prospects.
  • Reporting Services
    Your On-Demand Marketing Line includes three distinct tracking, testing, and measuring reports online in real time: Call Activity (identifies phone numbers and addresses of callers), Ad Tracking (identifies ads and campaigns generating the greatest response), and Call Duration (assesses the attention span of your Free Recorded Message).
  • Online account management
    Manage your account options and features, such as Direct Connect, Advanced Paging, and reporting services online from anywhere at any time.