What does ART do?

We help your Church use ART's Voice Broadcast Service to send Nurturing and Notification Messages, in Your Voice, to hundreds or thousands of your Congregants’ Phones, in just a few minutes. This method is not only more efficient at delivering your message than direct mail, email or telemarketing but also less expensive and more personal because it’s in your voice.

How to use ART's Voice Broadcast Service in your Church
to Increase Engagement, Retention and Outreach

How to use ART's Voice Broadcast Service in your Church to Increase Engagement, Retention and Outreach


“The most powerful communication tool in the whole world is the Human Voice”.

Voice is the most powerful and effective way to connect and to clearly communicate tone and emotion, and yet it’s often our least used resource. A phone call will nurture and strengthen your relationships in a way emailing and texting cannot.

Today, because of the influence of the smartphone, getting the attention of people is really challenging, and making phone calls to each individual customer, both large and small, can be costly and time-consuming, if not impossible—that is, unless you take advantage of ART's Voice Broadcast Service.

In fact, research has shown that the influence of voice calls is actually increasing due to the rise in smartphone usage, and unlike Facebook, text messaging and email, a Voice Broadcast phone call is the ultimate top of mind attention getter.

It can be easy to miss an email or a text (email open rates average only around 17-25%), but more difficult to miss a phone call or voice mail. And from an emotional standpoint nothing is as welcomed as a phone call.

Best ways to use ART’s Voice Broadcast Service
for your Church

General Reminders

Use Voice Broadcast services to remind your congregation members of prayer meetings, special offerings (as for holidays like Christmas and Good Friday), retreat sign-ups, and congregational meetings. You can also make weekly announcements, as well as letting your members know how close your organization is to reaching its fundraising goals.

Ministry News and Signups

Voice Broadcast can also be used to keep your members informed of news about various ministries. For instance, perhaps your missions department needs a thoughtful personalized message to encourage signups.

Urgent Messages and Alerts

Traffic and parking issues, as well as other urgent issues like scheduling changes, can be communicated quickly and easily to many people through voice broadcast.


Send Voice Broadcasts to encourage member participation in congregation-wide activities like fasting or a devotional series. Messages can be personalized.

Coordinating Events

Use Voice Broadcast services to raise awareness and build excitement about future events.

Virtual Prayer Box or Suggestion Box

Encourage members to text in prayer requests and suggestions. They will appreciate feeling they've been immediately heard!

Increase Direct Mail Response

Direct Mail still makes money but most mailers are thrown in the trash. By sending a voice broadcast ahead of a mailing, alerting people to “be on the lookout for a specific mailer, postcard, newsletter, etc., and not to throw it away…”, readership response can increase by 3-5 times.

Community Announcements and Support for local Charities

Sponsor a message on behalf of local non-profits.

“I am grateful the Lord led us to use Voice Broadcast Services to call our entire congregation in only a few minutes, and for the outpouring of responses from our church family, via text messages, phone calls, and thank you cards.”
Pastor, Rev. Jesse L. Williams, Sr.
Mount Olive Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN

In just 3 simple steps, you can set up delivery of your messages:

Best times to send Voice Broadcast calls out:
10:00am to 4pm local time.

Using this time frame has ensured that most calls will go to an answering machine. This is desirable for two reasons:

Recycling calls

It’s important to ‘recycle’ all the numbers that didn’t connect the first time due to busy signals, no answers, unknown connection problems, etc. to ensure the greatest connection success.

ART performs this recycling procedure as a part of our concierge service.

Uniqueness of ART’s Concierge platform

What separates ART from other Voice Broadcast service providers?

There are a lot of Voice Broadcast services out there, but most of them are purely technology providers who say “here’s the technology we provide…good luck.” So you’re pretty much on your own.

The difference with ART is that we offer a complete start to finish Revenue & Retention Program which means:

All of this is designed to increase response, engagement and ultimately revenue for very little cost.

How much does it cost?

How soon can I get set up?

Once you sign up for ART's Voice Broadcast Service, confirmation and activation
of your account happens within minutes.

How do I contact ART for more info or to sign up?

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